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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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reverberating on the look out government. the realignment of social services, health care services, and public safety. for the first time, realigning public safety in the local government causes tremendous cost pressure of the city and county of san francisco. i'm the only candidate with the kind of experience at the local level and state level to address these problems. i am the only individual who is independent, over 23 years, from power brokers in city hall. i am the only candidate who has published five documents that lay out exactly how i will be held accountable dealing with our environment, children, education, health care, on and on. in addition, out of those five plants, 130 proposals as to how to fix city hall and san francisco. i urge you to look at that plan. thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> thank you again to the league of women voters for hosting this great debate. san francisco has some of the smartest politicians in the nation and you have heard a lot of great ideas, but we need to move away from ideas that sound good to implementing ideas that work. it is time to take action and get involved at city hall. we need to build a strong community, support each other, and stay focused to make the city better. we are working to import all of you to participate today. that is why we are holding town halls all over san francisco, to try to make miscible faster and more reliable. if it does not work, sadly, neither can we. because we have reset the san francisco, with your help, we can grow and work together to make sure our city is faster, better, smarter. i believe our city government can and should be better, but we're really looking forward to
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what you think, online and in person. this is a city where we have a lot of progress of talks. the most progressive thing we can do today is make government work. thank you. [applause] >> i am not a city hall and cider. i am a proven leader who has firsthand experience at job creation by supporting ideas and turning them into something of value that creates employment. i have proven experience improving public schools, but impressing innovation that supports teachers and improve student outcome. i know we need to grasp what makes it so great in san francisco is our entrepreneurial spirit. in terms of how we serve people in the community. we need our leadership in city hall to continually strive to improve services and spend less money. and we need to embrace the
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entrepreneurial talent that starts here in san francisco and let those entrepreneurials know they're important to us and they will stay as we grow in scale. we need a better culture and compassion and empathy where we serve all in our community, not just those with the louded voice and most money and influence. i look forward to getting your support and i hope you join joy thank you. >> thank you to the moderators and league of women voters. it's my privilege to be your mayor the last nine months. we have solved very important issues already. it's only through this kind of process it is only through that kind of process that we get through the very critical issues that face us. if we're not growing jobs and growing our economy, we're going to be in deep trouble. we cannot afford to have a blip right now with so many people needing those jobs.
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so a simple decision that we made, that we worked hard at, an example like twitter, immediately infuses $95 million into the economy on that one decision. we have many more decisions to come that will continue growing our business is, making sure businesses stay in making sure they create jobs for our local residents. we can do that, and would be privileged to be here later in room 200 to continue the kind of decisions we have made today continued the success we have that in our city, make the city economically strong and investment-friendly. thank you. [applause] >> i want to thank the league of women voters and all of the co- host's for giving us the opportunity to speak to you tonight. as you recall, in my opening i said that i thought this was a seminal election, the most important mayor's race we have had in 20 years. i believe that. i believe the choices we make in this connection -- this election
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are not about the next four or eight years but whether san francisco can be a model of what a city needs to be 50 or 75 years from now. i am hopeful that all of you will look at us through a prism. does your candidate have a vision to make sure that san francisco can be that model city, and as he or she have the track record to demonstrate they can use the power of government to get things done and to create opportunity. 14 years is your city attorney on the issues of national significance to marriage equality, choice, shutting down the power plant, making our streets safer, going after fraud, waste, and abuse, i tried to use the power of the law to make a difference in people's lives each and every day. and the leadership that san francisco has shown on local, state wide, and national issues have been accomplished through the leadership of my office, working in conjunction with a lot of the people of here. i look for to having your support and vote on november 8. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> there we go. is that on? do not take away my time. no, i am thrilled. i have been a lifelong registered independent. i did not realize everybody was so independent of here. i thought you all were democrats. but now everybody is independent. welcome, gang. i want to thank the league of women voters. you know, san francisco needs serious solutions, needs a mayor who is serious, who has experience and knows that the global problems. if you know my background and you look in my record when i was on the board, you know i accomplished everything i set out to in a four-year time span. we certainly do not need more political pension ballot measures that merely kick the can is down the road, yet sticky with unfunded billions in debt. that is what you're going to get with these two measures. we do not need a budget that is smoke and mirrors that is not balanced. this current budget is only ballots sunday paying a sales tax and on state and federal
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moneys that are coming in and the dollar sign240 million bond for something you have already paid for 10 times over. if you're ready for an independent working mayor that is not and venting his career to hire jobs, some and that tells it as it is, that i want to be that mayor for you in my vision and my goal is to return this city to its rightful destiny as one of the greatest cities in the world. i am ready. join me. >> thank you, sir. [applause] >> thank you. i talked about being an outcome may year. one of the things we do not talk about the forums is the job of the mayor to lead the people work for the city and county of san francisco. we have 27,000 employees. running the compliance department, i covered with thousands of city employees. i believe in the greatness of the people republic 7 to work for the city. i think we lead our government without hypocrisy, saying one thing and doing something else, giving the people the tools to be successful, listening to them
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and thanking them, that we can really deliver on the big picture of a better san francisco. i have been to a lot of forums, like most of the candidates here, and you can walk in and you know a lot of people that come are already committed to a candidate. by the applause meter tonight, it is pretty clear. people at home, maybe not so much. but who is your second place vote? to is your third choice? are you voting based on ideology, personal contact, performance, other intangibles? stockton had a conversation and think about it. it will matter in an election in which nothing -- no one will win in the first round. please visit the website. thank you. [applause] >> i want to thank all of you who think it -- for thinking about who we are going to be in the 21st century but i am proud of my record of helping to build the kind of city want to live in. of the past three years, leading the board of supervisors, i have helped to balance budget deficits with a total of $1.4
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billion. we have helped to pass tough ethics legislation. we have helped to build a new water cut with the america's cup, the exploratory, and a cruise ship project. i was proud to be the first elected official at city hall that had conversations with twitter to make sure that we were keeping companies like them, zynga, and yelp here and the city. we need to work together to build a 21st century sentences go with great schools, with creative and innovative industries, with housing for all. it is hard in one minute to talk about all these ideas, but i really hope that you will check out my 21st century blueprint for san francisco at my website, and would be honored for you to consider me to be your first, second, or third choice. thank you very much. [applause] >> san francisco cannot solve its problems by itself. we're living in a country that is spiraling out to the right in a frenzy of fear and greed.
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and we need to make changes to turn around towards a more humane and a loving society. san francisco has led in the past, and it can lead now. i really believe that electing a green mayor would set an incredible wave of hope over the country at a time when people are really starting to stand up and protest and occupy wall street and occupied the federal reserve and occupy all these different places. it is very exciting. hogan is blossoming. if a green occupies the mayor's office in san francisco, it would make a tremendous difference to this country. it is time for a woman. it is time for a green. it is time for san francisco to woman up and become the city that outsiders think it already is. if my ideas excite you, please make me your number one choice.
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thank you. [applause] >> to the league of women voters, thank you. to our moderator is that our journalists, thank you. i have been a stalwart for job growth and job development as a member of the board of supervisors and can point to a number of the things that i did with the legislative process to produce literally thousands of jobs and put thousands of people to work in san francisco. one issue that we unfortunately do not get to talk enough about this -- as candidates for mayor at these forms are the fact that there are three women who sit before you on a lovely platform full of a lot of testosterone. there has never been a woman elected out right in san francisco. we have had 43 mayors, and our water for mayor feinstein was appointed to the office. when we look at issues surrounding our city, we do not talk nearly enough about violent crimes against women, about breast-feeding policies, about
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maternity leave policies, about what it is like to go through menopause and what we need. real health care coverage for one and two -- for women. job balance, and what it is like for child care and all sorts of things we're faced with. i can attest to the fact we worse still ignored as we thought through to fight for legislation that sometimes fail. to ensure that the bid is 6% of the women in this city had their rights of health. as we move into this election, it is incumbent on all this to tavon -- pay attention to those issues. i will ask for one of your three votes. and as you to go to my website. and look at what i have to say about our wonderful city. thank you for being here tonight. [applause] >> my great grandparents came here from hawaii in 1890. they settled in at bernal heights, and they stayed here until 1906, until the
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earthquake. during world war ii, they were in terms with 100,000 other japanese-americans, my parents and grandparents, they lost everything. they were there for four years. when i learned about it, i am -- i was angry. but it taught me not to be better, to get an education, and to stand up for what i believe. that is what we need in san francisco right now. we need a mayor who is going to stand up for what he or she believes, to make sure that is the people's interests to come first. a lot of people can talk about, yes, i want to change this or change that. but i set out to fix the city's fiscal crisis two years ago. it was not easy. i knew that my days would be angry at me. and it was something that needed to be done. that is why gathered signatures, 50,000, tries to fix the biggest fiscal crisis, which is now the number-one issue in this election. if you want somebody is going to stand up, somebody will make decisions for you and out for
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special interests are powerbrokers, please vote for jeff adache. you can go to my web site. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, those are your candidates of mayor peter thank you to all of our candidates. thank you to you. on behalf of the league of women voters and our partner organization, university of san francisco, abc 7, public radio, san francisco government tv, thank you to all of you for coming here tonight and informing herself. have a great evening. do not forget to vote. [horns honking] [siren wails]
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announcer: big dreams and goodrades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to >> of the league of women voters
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and sfg tv have brought to bring you statements by all four candidates for sheriff. >> my name is chris cunnie and i'm running for san francisco share of. i grew up in san francisco and i have been working to keep san francisco unsafe for just about my whole life. we're facing a critical moment for safety right now because of the progress -- a process call realignment that the state plans to send hundreds and maybe even thousands of prison inmates back to our city. that means keeping san francisco
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safe right now is going to require a lot of diverse skills like experience running jails, experience treating inmates said it comeback to jail and experience at every level of law enforcement. i am proud to say i am the only candidate who can bring all of these skills together. i served as under share of of san francisco, the second-in- command under mike hennessey. i help him improve our jail programs so that prisoners learned job skills and get treatment. they're not just guaranteed to commit another crime when they are released. i served as chief of investigations in the district attorney's office, helping to lower crime working with the community. i served as the emergency communications director under mayor gavin, bringing many branches of law enforcement together. i served as head of walden house, one of the most respected substance-abuse treatment centers, providing services to the incarcerate informally incarcerated to help rebuild their lives. i served as a member of the
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california narcotics authority, helping to divert at into treatment. i served as president of the san francisco police department association and as a san francisco police officer, i received two medals of valor for my work on the street. i patrolled just about every corner of san francisco. a safer city requires bringing all of these elements together. i'm proud to have burned the support of senator dianne feinstein, the attorney general , lt. gov. gavin newsom and many, many others. i hope i can earn your support also. please join us on our web site. thank you. >> election day is november 8th, 2011. that is the last date to vote in
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person and a deadline for receipt of the vote by mail ballots. >> hello. my name is ross mirkarimi, i'm the supervisor of the fifth district of the board of supervisors of san francisco. i am running for sheriff because i want to improve public safety throughout san francisco. when i was elected supervisor in 2004, i inherited the district with many neighborhoods that notoriously had the second-highest violent crime rate throughout all of san francisco. i set out to make sure we take back our streets from crime. i did so with the kind of innovative programs that had not been used because of a community that had been woefully underserved but making sure we were able to marry the power of redemption on one end to being smart on crime in the other. long story short, we have been able to reduce violent crime to the point where i now had the largest reduction in the murder rate and violent crime rates
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throughout all of the city in our district. as evidenced by the visit darrow, the fillmore west addition and surrounding neighborhoods. during this time, cultivated a relationship with sheriff mike hennessey, the longest serving sheriff in san francisco history. he has been our share for more than 30 years. sheriff hennessy has endorsed me to succeed him as sheriff. sheriff is much more than managing the jail system, which we have a population of about 1500 inmates a day, or protecting government buildings and what share of tennessee did was add it to rehabilitation and re-enter programs for -- before their release from county jail. we need to build on the foundation of sheriff mike hennessey and demonstrate it want to improve public safety, we do so by tackling recidivism, received a -- repeat offender rates that occurred because we are not getting to
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the ability to correct people's lives and help him correct them themselves before they get out of jail and stay off -- stay out of the criminal past. for every four people the san francisco police department arrest and is prosecuted, almost three are repeat offenders. that statistic would literally be a lot worse if it were not for the innovations of mike hennessey, but we have to improve our game. i want to turn around the same people to turn back there live and return back to the bayview, sunnyvale and mission, tenderloin, and others because i believe in those same neighborhoods where there is great economic distress, those are the neighborhoods that have the greatest public safety challenges. i will save taxpayers money and i will be able to help demonstrate, built on the tennessee foundation of what it means to reform our criminal- justice system through the eyes of the sheriff's department. i would be honored to have your support. please don't hesitate to contact
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us if you have any questions. it has been an honor to serve you as a supervisor and i would be honored to be your sheriff. >> the league of women voters and sfgovtv have been honored to bring you statements by all four candidates for share of. >> my name is paul miyamoto and i make captain in the sheriff's department and i can't edit it for sheriff in this election. our department finds itself in a very neat situation on the eve of a significant change in the criminal justice system. our share has decided to retire after close to 32 years. the best person to continue his legacy and build on his foundation is someone who has been a part of carrying out that vision. that is me. i have professional experience in the operations and management of this department. i have risen through the ranks of all positions in gaining that experience as a trusted manager
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and leader with share of tennessee. i have work to implement and support these programs throughout my entire career in public service. i love this department and i am completely, absolutely dedicated to continuing the surest vision and moving the department forward as we face new challenges in the public safety. i have the universal support of the two labour organizations in the department that represent the men and women carry out the shares vision. at the close, personal, emotional tie to the department. on my very first day on the job, i was late in relieving a deputy. to make up for that, i married that deputy and we are now raising our five children in this community. my priorities as europe are as follows -- the realignment of the california state prison system will have a significant impact of the criminal justice system. our past and continued success in these programs and services for individuals and out of custody is especially important to ensure since convicted felons
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will now fall under county level oversight. i have been responsible for carrying out the surest vision for the last 15 years. as the sheriff, my goal is to ensure the effective integration from custody. reducing the chances of refunding means increasing public safety for us all. in regards to the secured communities program, the implementation of the program as it stands leads to the edification and deportation of undocumented residents with minimal or no prior criminal history. i feel our focus should not be on these individuals. i feel our partnership with late -- with state and local agencies will focus on the program to apprehend violent, dangerous criminals that pose a direct threat to our community. my third platform is to reexamine the organizational structure of the department to ensure efficiency. my goal would be to position the department to facilitate public safety obligations that arise.
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i have a unique perspective to lead to a difficult economic times that require us to be able to do more with less. public safety should not be compromised. if experience, respect, and overwhelming support of the people who do the job is important to you, i'm the person for the job. i look forward to your support for me this november in becoming the first asian american share of in san francisco. thank you. >> election day is november 8th, 2011. that is the last date to vote in person and last date for receipt of the vote by mail ballots. >> i am david wong, a 20-years the trend with the san francisco assurance department. i served eight years in the united states army reserves and national guard. i am actively involved with youth programs like community youth centers and others in san
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francisco. i live in sunset with my wife and two children. i'm running for the office of sheriff because i believe we must reduce the recidivism rate and in still crime preventive measures by investing in our youth. in the 20 years i served as a deputy sheriff for san francisco, i witnessed the department spent more money for fewer resources. as sheriff, i would implement job training for the incarcerated to enable them to transition into productive citizens and contribute toward our society. i would encourage youth programs where debt easing cage with the community, offering opportunity to our youth, enabling them to lead productive lives instead of turning to crime. i would implement a
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rehabilitation process for the incarcerated. i would implement a performance evaluation system to ensure every individual in a drug rehab program is held accountable for their participation. in addition, with the new realignment sentencing program governor brown just enacted, i would invite all city unions to offer a basic life skills training course which would teach people in our jail how to get a job. thereby, providing an alternative to crime. i will work with the public defender's office and apply the clean slate program for them. let's make a change. vote for me for sheriff. thank you.
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>> election day is november 8th, 2011. that is the last date to vote in person and a deadline for receipt of vote by mail ballots. for more information about the election, and visits for more information about the [horns honking] [siren wails]
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announcer: big dreams and goodrades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to


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